Final meeting of WeTakeCare project

Final meeting


July 12th 2016.-The IBV held last 4th of July, the final meeting of WeTakeCare project, a joint initiative that has developed an interactive, multimodal system for the training of Activities of Daily Living through applications to be used by older people without advanced knowledge in the use technology and their primary caregivers.

This European initiative, led by the IBV, aims to educate and train caregivers and older people in order to promote their independent living. This is an initiative co-funded by the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) program of the European Commission and in Spain, by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The system includes training materials and interactive games, which aims to maintain and enhance the capabilities to carry out the activities of daily living of the elderly and care processes of their non-professional caregivers. During the last months it has been performed the validation in real environment which involved 20 couples (the older persons and their nonprofessional carers) in order to assess the degree of improvement and the benefits of the use in their own homes, in Switzerland and in Spain.

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The sixth consortium meeting had two milestones: the first one, to analyse the results of the real environment system validation with the aim of including the improvements in the final prototype. And the second was to work on the business and exploitation plan of the project results.

This system will promote the autonomous performance of the Activities of Daily Living for the older people during their training and the support of their caregivers, not only in the training of the provision of better care but also in the training of their self-care.

The project has the participation of IBV as coordinator, CPMTI (Spain), Kaasa Health (Germany), ZHAW (Switzerland) and the Swiss Association of active seniors VASOS FARES (Switzerland).