Business Coaching AAL WeTakeCare workshop


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October 30th 2015.-IBV hold a Business Coaching wokshop in the frame of AAL WeTakeCare project last 29th October.

The main objective of this event was to foster a work session where the partners Kaasa HEALTH, IBV and CPMTI helped by the COACH of VTT (Finland) cooperated to build a business model to commercialize the solution developed in WETAKECARE project.

Attention was especially focused on the generation of a feasible business. The partners used CANVAS methodology in this process. The idea is to apply and execute successfully this business once the project is completed, therefore the partners also worked on generating validation processes.

AAL has provided this whorksop for free to their projects in order to facilitate that funded services and products are able to reach the market.

WeTakeCare project aims to empower older person and their caregivers in self-care and promoting healthy independent living by developing an interactive and multimodal system for training of Activities of the Daily Living (ADL).

It is an initiative cofunded by the program Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) of the European Commission.

The partners of this 3 years project are, among IBV as coordinator, CPMTI (Spain), KAASA (Germany), ZHAW (Switzerland) and VASOS (Switzerland), and with the collaboration of Bayard, Ayuntamiento de Mislata (Oficina del Mayor) and Seniorer I TIDEN.

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